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$1795 for 3ml


A chin, jawline, and jaw angle distinguish the lower face from the neck and largely shape it. These anatomical areas help shape the face and can affect its masculinity or femininity. With a softly contoured chin, women can achieve a feminine V-shape. According to your goals, the chin shape and size can be customized from subtle to amplified. By elongating the chin, fillers can reshape a round face into an oval, heart, or diamond shape. It is often said that masculine chins are “chiseled” and “strong.” If the chin is small or under-projected, the face looks round or lacks definition. A weak chin and jawline can give the appearance of an immature or babyface. Fillers can augment the chin and allow us to change its height, width, and projection. The result is a sculpted look with angled contours. Most notably on the profile, a straight and contoured jawline helps define the face. In turn, this results in smooth, defined angles that balance and enhance the face.