Moxi + bbl

Moxi + BBL

The Unbeatable Treatment Pairing for Total Body Skin Renewal

Combine, Conquer & Corrrect

MOXITM & BroadBand LightTM (BBLTM ) — featuring Forever Body BBL+TM and Forever Young BBLTM two advanced skin treatments that pair perfectly for dramatic results with little to no downtime. Moxi is designed to deliver dramatic tonal and textural improvements to your face with little to no downtime, as it features a gentle non-ablative laser that corrects pigmentation issues.

BroadBand Light (BBL) HERO features the improved Forever Young+ BBLTM now with even better results, and Forever Body BBLTM, provides a variety of versatile solutions to treat a broad range of conditions anywhere on the body. Together, these two treatments pack a synergistic punch of skin renewal for skin renewal and radiance with ease.

  • Large area treatments in minutes. No Downtime.
  • Comfortable treatments well tolerated, with or without anesthetic cream.
  • SIMPLE post care, stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen.
  • 24 hours post treatment makeup can be applied.

Moxi + BBL Pair FAQ's