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What is Liquid Rhinoplasty and How it Differs from Surgical Procedures?

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Most people think that having a perfectly shaped nose completes the beautiful and handsome looks they want. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally perfect noses, and it can cause insecurity for some people. They might think that they are inferior since the media and society portray more people with excellent facial features as better looking than others.

We know that there is nothing wrong with your nose, whatever shape it has, but making it look better in your eyes can boost your confidence and make you feel much better about yourself. Thus, many people undergo nose lifts or rhinoplasty procedures to achieve the perfect nose line they want to see in front of the mirror every single day.

There are a lot of popular rhinoplasty methods, and one of those is liquid rhinoplasty. Many people are becoming more interested in the procedure. They are also curious if this can bring the same quality of results once the treatment is done. In short, many people are curious, and it’s pretty understandable since it is one of the newest offerings in the cosmetic market.

This article discusses everything you need to know about liquid rhinoplasty and how it is different from the traditional surgical procedures used to improve the shape of our noses.

Liquid Rhinoplasty in a Nutshell

Liquid rhinoplasty works the same as traditional rhinoplasty, but this is the nonsurgical version of the conventional procedure. This treatment is used to address temporary nasal issues such as a drooping nasal tip, asymmetry, and a dorsal hump, a small bump on the nose that can affect its overall shape.

Many people prefer this over the traditional rhinoplasty simply because it is nonsurgical. Many people do like the idea of fixing their noses. Still, the thought of undergoing surgery, which can take them months to recover, is the deal-breaker. Even though the effects are temporary, it seems enough for them to do it because it is entirely hassle-free on the patient’s end.

This procedure is done with hyaluronic acid, the same dermal filler used commonly in lip and cheek fillers. Hyaluronic acid works in making the skin look more plump and elastic. Suppose you are worried about any allergic reactions. In that case, you do not have to worry about that because hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies. Therefore, nothing artificial was added, and you can’t have any allergic reactions.

The surgeon injects hyaluronic acid to reshape your nose and improve the contours. Hyaluronic acid is also used the same way in dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane. These are known to be great dermal fillers brands, according to aestheticians and the patients themselves.

Hyaluronic acid for liquid rhinoplasty is supported by a study stating that liquid rhinoplasty can address nasal issues that the traditional method has failed to do. It is also proven effective in correcting minor issues post-rhinoplasty. Therefore, you do not have to undergo surgery again should there be something wrong with your rhinoplasty treatments before.

Benefits of Liquid Rhinoplasty

There are reasons why liquid rhinoplasty is wildly popular nowadays. The method is popular because it effectively addresses the main issue they are advertising, which is to improve the shape and contour of your nose.

Some of the other benefits include no downtimes, and the procedure is rapid. It all happens in the doctor’s office, and it is already done in 15 minutes. This is much quicker than the traditional method, requiring the surgeon to finish the operation within an hour to four hours, depending on the situation.

You can also see the results immediately after the procedure. There is also very little recovery time, which means you do not have to call in sick for a few days just to rest. There are no open wounds to heal, too, so you can quickly go back to work the next day after the treatment without any hassles. In fact, some people even take this procedure during their lunch breaks, going back to work as though nothing happened.

There is also no need to be anesthetized too since the procedure is mainly nonsurgical and minimally invasive. Aside from the pricks coming from the injections, nothing else will happen. The doctors will even let you check the procedure while it happens so that you can direct them into having that result you have always wanted.

Lastly, hyaluronic acid allows the treatment to be reversible. This is a good benefit because if the results are the ones that you do not want, you can ask your surgeon to inject hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers, then redo the procedure until you get your desired result. Again, the hyaluronic acid filler will not hurt you as it is naturally produced by our bodies.

Liquid Rhinoplasty vs. Traditional Rhinoplasty

Since liquid rhinoplasty is seen as a nonsurgical alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. These two procedures are worth comparing since they bring different things to the table. This part will help you decide if liquid rhinoplasty is what you’re looking for, which most people usually choose even after finishing this article.

For one, surgical rhinoplasty has a lot of dangerous risks, such as scarring, breathing complications, and infections, mainly from open wounds. It can also cause the collapse of the cartilage, which holds the nose together, resulting in a crooked nose for years after the surgery. You may also experience recurring nosebleeds, numbness, and persistent swelling.

On the other hand, liquid rhinoplasty does not require you to go under the knife, so infection and scarring are already thrown to the sides. Aside from swelling and pain, and discomfort on the injection area, there are no other serious complications or side effects, which means this is much safer than traditional rhinoplasty.

Surgical rhinoplasty is also known to be more expensive than liquid rhinoplasty. Even though it uses hyaluronic acid, it is already affordable. Even the best hyaluronic acid fillers are cheaper than the down payment for your surgical rhinoplasty. For those who want to have a better-looking nose but cannot afford the price for a full surgical rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty is the one for you.

Lastly, a surgical rhinoplasty requires you to recover for two to four weeks after the treatment, with the final outcome visible for much longer, even up to a year. It can be an inconvenience to you as you need to wear a splint outside of your nose to support the surgery that happened on the inside.

Suppose you need to work as soon as possible. In that case, this might not be the procedure for you since it will take you several weeks before your wounds get entirely healed. You can imagine how uncomfortable it can be for you to face people in that situation.

Liquid rhinoplasty has no downtime, so there’s no need for you to worry. You can go back to your normal activities, and the swelling will go away after a week at most.

Our Takeaway

Liquid rhinoplasty is a prevalent treatment for a reason. It is known as the nonsurgical counterpart of traditional rhinoplasty. It is painless, nonsurgical, has no downtime, and is less expensive than regular rhinoplasty. The results are also immediate and effective. Many people vouch for this procedure as it can benefit them, especially if they are too busy to undergo traditional rhinoplasty or are afraid to do so.
Aesthetic Beauty Lounge understands that not all people are comfortable with undergoing surgery to achieve their desired looks. They believe that surgery should not be a hindrance to anyone who wants to look their best. That’s why they offer a lot of nonsurgical procedures, such as liquid rhinoplasty, to effectively address the issues they are insecure about. With Aesthetic Beauty Lounge, beauty is painless, and everyone deserves to be beautiful in their own ways.

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