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Botox: 9 Things To Know Before Getting And More

Botox: 9 Things to Know Before Getting and More

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You might have heard of Botox and are amazed by how effective it is. But, before going through any procedure, you may want to know first the things to keep in mind before getting Botox treatment or any wrinkle treatment. Who doesn’t aspire to achieve that glowing, young-looking, and flawless skin? As if you turned back the hands of the clock, Botox has this promising effect.

Botox Is a Neurotoxin

Neurotoxins are commonly known to have negative impacts on the human’s overall being. These are toxins that are considered to be destructive to a human’s nerve tissues and system. But as technology advancement is skyrocketing, experts discover positive uses for some neurotoxins, and it includes therapeutic treatments. As long as the neurotoxin is used in a scientifically controlled manner, it will not harm the person going or through and went through botox treatment. 

Know-How It Works

Botox is injected into the skin. The neurotoxin then destroys the skin tissues that are responsible for a person’s facial movements. We are always reminded by our parents, teachers, friends, family, and co-workers to smile to rid the problems and worries away from our minds, but smiling, like almost all facial expressions, is a cause of wrinkles. Frowning, smiling, concentrating, squinting, and many more adds to the reason why our faces form fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging indicators. That is what Botox is good for, the neurotoxins paralyze or destroy the skin tissues, thus, significantly reduces the lines forming on the skin.

You Won’t Look Expressionless.

Although the skin tissues are paralyzed or destroyed, Botox treatment is still a trusted wrinkle treatment. According to most of the patients who’ve gone through the treatment, when they try to move their face by either smiling, frowning, or by exercising their facial tissues, they feel like they don’t project any expression, which is kind of funny to them. But when they take a look at the mirror, they see a flawless, wrinkleless, and young-looking face. 

Anyone Can Get Botox

It is an answer to a commonly asked question by most people considering Botox. Am I too young for this wrinkle treatment? Is Botox treatment a preventive procedure? I have less to zero wrinkles, why should I go through it.

The thing is, anyone can get Botox treatment. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” when wrinkles begin to appear in your early 20’s, you can go through the treatment. If you’re in your 40’s and you just thought of having the wrinkle treatment, it’s completely fine. It is more common for people reaching their 40’s and above, and their feedback on the results is beyond their expectations.


Men are not exempted from aging, and neither are the wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, Men in the United States get more than half a million Botox injections every year. Especially in this generation, wherein everything might seem possible and people have the freedom to do so. And, what’s wrong with trying to make yourself look better by looking younger? If you’re a male and you’re considering Botox treatment as your wrinkle treatment, you’re never out of society. Especially if you try it with Aesthetic Beauty Lounge, where men and women are more than welcome to consult and visit the center at Highland Park, Illinois. Aesthetic Beauty Lounge, Beautiful Possibilities, Surmount.

Botox is a Brand Name

Botox is one of the most renowned brands of neurotoxin, Botulinum toxin. It is a botulinum toxin, but not all botulinum toxins are Botox, and should not be confused with each other. There are many brands present in the world of medicine, so let’s just cite some of the commonly known Botulinum toxins: Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin. These four Botulinum toxins are proven effective, in fact, they are all FDA-approved, thus, safe. These toxins are Botulinum toxins, which are manufactured by different manufacturers. They differ in their potencies, cost, and application, but one thing is guaranteed, Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin, are effective.

Botox is Safe

Botox is FDA-approved and is tested and proven for its effectiveness and safety. However, risks are always inevitable in any treatment, may it be Botox treatment or any other wrinkle treatments. Side effects range from mild (redness, bruising, pain at the injected areas, flu-like symptoms, headache, nausea, and temporary facial drooping) to severe (trouble breathing and swallowing, muscle weakness, and slurred speech).

Mild side effects are normal to patients, while it may sound scary to try, there are rare cases where a patient experiences severe side effects. These severe side effects are often associated with the experience and efficacy of the dermatologist or esthetician conducting the treatment, so be sure to go for board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Some offer significantly low prices for the treatment but be sure to check the legitimacy of the surgeon or dermatologist. Sometimes things are too good to be true, so, do your research vigilantly.

Compare It To Other Treatments

This is not to discourage Botox treatment candidates to undergo the treatment. There are countless non-surgical minimally invasive treatments out there, old and new, but it is important to know how each of them works, how much they cost, how many treatments do you need to undergo through, the effectiveness, and how the duration of the effect. There are factors to consider when undergoing treatments, and you need to make sure which treatment is best for you. Besides that, there are also other treatments that you can undergo which complement Botox. 

You need to consult the experts before taking the next step

Just as aforementioned earlier, it is best to consult the experts before undergoing treatment, and be sure you’re consulting the right ones. Botox is a great choice of treatment for younger-looking skin, there’s no doubt about that, but you need to consider multiple factors before going into the office and taking Botox. You also need to disclose to the doctor if you happen to have health conditions that might cause adverse effects to the treatment.

Here are some other things you need to know:

  • It’s not permanent. Just like most wrinkle treatments, they do not last a lifetime. In general, Botox treatment lasts 3-4 months. In some cases, it lasts more, and in some, shorter. 
  • You can get it during your lunch break. Yes, you’ve read it right. There even are cases wherein the injection takes only as fast as 10 minutes. What’s funny is that the filling out of forms takes longer than the procedure. 🙂
  • Cost, duration of the procedure, and mild side effects vary, depending on the target area.
  • There’s less to zero downtime. Yes, there are things to avoid after getting the treatment, like lying down, 2 hours after the procedure, and many more. But most likely, you can go back to your daily activities. Just a gentle reminder to keep in mind the things you need to avoid after the procedure.

To Sum It All Up

All wrinkle treatments have their advantages and disadvantages. Procedures are procedures, that’s why risks and side effects are often associated with them. But in terms of efficiency and safety, Botox has been around since the early 2000s. We just need to take note of these things that you need to know before getting Botox treatment or any other wrinkle treatment. 

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to get Botox or want to check out other wrinkle treatment options. Check out Aesthetic Beauty Lounge. Their team consists of board-certified dermatologists and estheticians. For the best results and fewer risks, and you happen to reside within or near Highland Park, Illinois, check them out. Regardless of your gender, there’s nothing else to hinder.

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